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About Bomber Friends


Bomber Friends is a great game that we would recommend to you. Consider and calculate the location of the bomb to ensure that the opponent is defeated

To get stronger explosives, collect powerups! Blast your friends across the map with the explosive explosives! And if you are blasted, don't worry; the fun has only just begun! The addition of a new multiplayer arena makes playing the online game much more enjoyable and rewarding!

Features in Bomber Friends:

  • Traditional Bomberman action with touchscreen controls!
  • Compete in online arenas to achieve higher heights and discover new explosives and powerups! -
  • Build your own combat deck! 
  • Collect powerups while avoiding wicked curses. 
  • Add stylish headgear, costumes, accessories, taunts, and welcomes to your character
  • In the online arenas, there are a plethora of new and intriguing gaming elements for serious bomber players!

How to play Bomber Friends:

  • You may gather various power-ups at each level, such as a bomb damage increase, extra bombs, and extra lives.
  • Use your explosives judiciously, and keep in mind that your adversaries will be unable to pass this spot after a bomb has been set.
  • You may select from a number of goodies and enhance your character's look and stats at the conclusion of each level.

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