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About Super Brothers


Super Brothers is a game with extremely attractive graphics where two superheroes have their missions and need your help. Enter the role now

The little brothers have been trapped in a fantasy world and need your assistance to get out. Super Brothers is a 2D puzzle platformer that chronicles the exploits of two brothers who find themselves locked within a fantastical realm filled with perilous creatures. Collect keys, unlock doors, and assist the couple in escaping. To complete each level and return home, use various characters to traverse various forms of water, spikes, and other obstacles.

Let's enjoy yourself with the two Super Brothers!

Use the arrow keys to move and leap with these two characters, and the spacebar to switch between the brother and sister. Only after collecting three keys from each stage will you be able to go to the next level, where a more challenging path awaits you. Keep an eye out for traps, don't fall into trenches, and avoid other hazards, since if one of your brothers dies, you'll have to restart the game from the beginning. Let's get this great platform-adventure experience started right now, and don't be shy about inviting your friends over for some fun as well; they'll have a blast!

How to play Super Brothers:

  • The goal of the game is to keep control of the two brothers so that they may safely reach each door in the many dangerous levels.
  • Move with WASD and change characters using the spacebar. On mobile devices, there are touch buttons on the screen.

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