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About Friday Night Funki Vs Yoshi


Friday Night Funki Vs Yoshi is a very attractive music game when you are soaring in the vibrant music background with many fun songs. Let's show your ability

Crossovers between FNF Games and Mario Games that we have previously added to our website have been well received by our visitors, so we are delighted that we can now bring you yet another new and awesome game like that, Friday Night Funkin vs Yoshi, in which Boyfriend is having a musical battle against this green dinosaur that Mario rides on occasionally because he can fly.

This game features three custom songs just for your battle against Yoshi:

  • Flower-Garden
  • UnderGround
  • Spikey-Stroll

A rhythm fight unlike any other pits Boyfriend against Yoshi!

Boyfriend needs your assistance in order to win this battle, so assist him in either narrative mode or free play mode, and to win, you must reach the finish of the songs with the progress bar in your favour, easy as that.

To do so, you'll need a solid rhythm and the ability to play the notes of the songs at the appropriate moments. When the arrow symbols above BF match, press the same arrow key on your keyboard to strike that note.

Make sure you don't miss pushing too many arrows in a row, because if you do, you'll lose and have to start again from the beginning. Best of luck!

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