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About Moon Mission


Moon Mission is an immersive space game where you build your own planet and launch your own rocket. It's time to enjoy all these wonderful emotions

Moon Mission takes you to the edge of space and beyond! You've been chosen as one of the few humans to arrive on the moon and establish a colony. But, sadly, things have gone awry. So now it's time for you to return to Earth! Are you up to the challenge?

This adventure will take you on an intriguing quest. On your route to triumph, you must perform all of the duties and effectively control the whole system. The basic goal in this game is to gather enough fuel for the rocket to lift off. You and your crew will be able to return to Earth in this manner. To do so, you'll need to work on the fuel supply systems, which you can only do by putting the gasoline bottles together again. This implies that the sequence in which you import your power and sources must be carefully considered. You'll gradually amass enough fuel to allow the spacecraft to take flight. Let's see if you can go through all of the stages and aid in a vital mission!

Features in Moon Mission:

  • 2D images with vibrant colors
  • Ability to think strategically
  • Upgraded systems and supplies
  • System of passive income

How to play Moon Mission:

  • Control the astranaut by swerving.

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