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About Sand Sort Puzzle


Sand Sort Puzzle is a game that challenges your intelligence when the sand jars with many colors need you to divide them to the right color.

Let go of everything with Sand Sort Puzzle's peaceful gameplay! Your favorite puzzle game is back with a fresh flavor. It's a sorting game with one-of-a-kind fun, but this time with a completely different theme to help you relax and enjoy the game even more! Are you excited to play this brand-new game?

We sort the mounds of sand that are all different colors in this unique form of sorting game. These heaps of sand of various hues will be blended in a pot and presented to you. It's your job to fill pots with only one color. To do so, first click on the pot into which you want to pour the sand, then on the pot into which you want to pour the sand. The sequence of the pots that you will click on is something that you should pay attention to. You'll be able to fill the pots with the proper and single hue in as few movements as feasible in this manner. You will win coins as you complete each level. Use these coins to unlock different pots and themes to add variety to the game. Now you can relax and enjoy your relaxing sorting problem with a new breeze!

Features in Sand Sort Puzzle:

  • 2D images with vibrant colors
  • Intuitive abilities
  • Gameplay that is difficult to master
  • Gameplay that is addicting
  • There are no limits to the number of levels you can
  • Unlocking pots and themes

How to play Sand Sort Puzzle:

  • Pour the same-colored sand into different glasses by tapping on them.

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