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About Sausage Run


Sausage Run is a thrilling hot dog race where red sausage needs your help to win. Let's do our best to help this new friend win the championship

You'll never look at your kitchen the same way again after playing Sausage Run! Have you ever felt like a quick sausage rushing aimlessly through a huge kitchen where everything is trying to slice or cook you? You'll succeed! Put yourself in the shoes of this scared red, sauced man and assist him in surviving this delicious dungeon!

Don't be fooled by the beautiful mittens or pastel walls; you're just a juicy bite in this greedy kind's eyes! Your only hope of surviving is to complete a hundred agility tests and make it to the finish of this culinary labyrinth! After all, your gorgeous fat face isn't even a main course for most people. Concentrate on the lethal frying traps and swinging hooks that are waiting for you to enter. To avoid traps, slow down, wait for the appropriate time, and then accelerate. To prevent drowning, run on water and slow down before scorching surfaces to maintain your balance and pass without being burned! To unlock humorous skins for your yummy hero, collect gold from levels and unlimited mode. Switch between modes to create new records or continue your quest, and use the accomplishments page to set objectives for this bizarre experience!

Features in Sausage Run:

  • Graphics in 3D
  • Simple controls
  • Optional game modes
  • Prizes awarded in-game

How to play Sausage Run:

  • Hold to speed up running

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