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About Vex 4


Vex 4 is a great game where you unleash your abilities. With the success of previous versions, Vex 4 is surprisingly successful with many new things

Prepare to be annoyed by Vex 4's difficult platform levels! Prepare to dash at peak speeds, jump over dangerous ravines, avoid deadly traps, and climb to the summit for the fourth time! As you leap over the various barriers and win your triumph, let the adrenaline rush through your body and guide your movements. Wear your jogging shoes and flex your muscles! We're going to take on the Vex universe!

Vex 4 is the fourth installment in the hugely popular series, and it's finally here! Expect action-packed gameplay with difficult courses, difficult traps, and a variety of additional challenges. Like previous games in the series, your aim is to complete all of the levels (also known as acts) in the Vex world. Vex 4 is divided into nine acts, each having its own set of nasty traps and severe challenges to overcome. Every twist and turn is loaded with peril. The controls for the game are simple but adaptable. Use the left and right arrow keys, or the AD keys, to move about. To leap, press the up arrow key or the W key. You'll occasionally come across little tunnels in the Vex universe. Use the down arrow key or the S key to stoop and crawl or slide through those tight areas. The S key or the down arrow key will be required to enter the acts. Press down while standing on top of the doorway. While standing still, you may use your mouse to investigate your character's surroundings. This is particularly important when the following platform or trap is concealed above or below you and not visible on your screen. To unlock the Hard Mode version of each act, complete the several objectives listed at the bottom of the screen. Continue to dash and show them you're unstoppable!

How to  play 

  • To move, use the arrow keys or the left/right arrows.
  • To leap, press W or the up arrow.
  • To crouch, use S or the down arrow (enter an act)

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